Hi, I'm Philip.

I help wine professionals increase their bottom line with a web presence that's tailored to their ultimate business goals.

Business development
Web design/development
Value-driven marketing
Rosemary Gray
Co-Founder of Sherryfest

"I cannot say enough how great it is to work with Philip - he both listens to his client's needs, but is not afraid to initiate solutions that he sees will meet their overall business goals.

During creation, my business partner was operating from Europe, I'm stationed in New York and Philip was two time zones behind me, and yet he was prompt and available. He even got up early to be online with us for our crucial launch.

I am beyond grateful for his quality work, efficiency and genuine dedication to the Sherryfest project."

Navigating the treacherous waters of the web can be pretty overwhelming. Lead generation, content marketing, SEO - you may have heard these terms before, but as a wine professional you’d rather just focus on the wine.

Still, you know how important having an effective web presence is to your business. There’s no denying that the world is moving more and more online (including your potential clients), and none of us want to get left in the dust.

To effectively reach new potential clients online, you need a strategy - a strategy that goes beyond simply blogging or driving more traffic to your website.

What you need is a results-driven web presence that's designed from the ground up to resonate with your potential clients and get them to take the next step to becoming an actual client.

I want to help you get there.

Philip Lindberg
Founder of Vitalis Design

As the founder of Vitalis Design, I’ve been helping wine professionals achieve their business goals since 2012.

After working with many wine consultants, wine event organizers and winemakers, I've become intimately familiar with the unique challenges the wine industry brings to the table.

This insight, combined with my own business experience, eye for design and technical background allows me to deliver better results for my clients.

I also just really like wine.



Business development

During our initial consultation, we'll talk about your specific business objectives and come up with an overall strategy to achieve those goals.

Positioning and branding

I’ll help you develop effective positioning and branding that truly resonates with your target audience.

Web design

With your target audience, positioning, and branding defined, I’ll design you a results-driven website that beautifully combines form and function.

Web development

I’ll bring your website design to life using modern technologies like responsive design to ensure your visitors can view your website on all their devices - including mobile.

Value-driven marketing

With your new website in place, I'll help you effectively reach your target audience with value-driven marketing.

Conversion rate optimization

I’ll make sure we’re making the most of your website traffic by increasing the percentage of visitors who actually become clients.
Peter Liem
Author of ChampagneGuide.net

"It's a great pleasure to work with Philip. Not only does he possess excellent technical skills and software expertise, but he also demonstrates a strong sense of design. He is exceptionally communicative, responding to questions and addressing problems without delay, which gives his clients confidence and puts them at ease.

He finishes projects rapidly and efficiently, clearly explaining any out-of-budget costs, and his sense of organization is impressive. I have worked with him on two projects so far, and I would hire him again without hesitation."